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124 Course Bundle
Data Analysis with Python and Pandas
Use Python to work with Big Data!
Lectures: 51
Video: 6 Hours
Includes: Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on all mobile devices
Certificate of Completion

This course is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of data analysis with Python. The go-to module in Python for data analysis and manipulation is Pandas, which is built on top of other popular modules, such as NumPy. Pandas also works with many other data science modules, such as the machine learning framework, Scikit-Learn. The Pandas module allows you to import and export data in a variety of forms like csv, json, hdf, sql, and more. From here, Pandas helps you quickly organize this data into a columns and rows format, which is the same no matter what the input data format is. From here, you can manipulate entire columns, create new ones, apply functions to data points, perform statistical analysis, and more.

Stone River eLearning
Typography From A to Z
Like an encyclopedia of typography knowledge for all desginers
Lectures: 73
Video: 6 Hours
Includes: Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on all mobile devices
Certificate of Completion

Learn typography for digital and print applications. In this typography course, you'll learn how typography is used in everyday user experiences in places like the web, in apps, advertisements, logos, print media and digital publishing.


After we cover each section you will find recaps that re-enforce learned content that was discussed as well as a quiz and several exercise challenges strewn all over this course that will make our learning fun and memorable.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for anyone who enjoys type design from print designers, graphic and web designers, animators, sign writers and more. Whether your are a beginner in typography or even an intermediate typography user, we are sure you will gain a vast set of skills after taking this course.


There are no prerequisites for this course, but you are expected to have access to programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign as well as basic working knowledge of any one of these programs and basic computer/web literacy.

Stone River eLearning
AngularJS For Beginners
Get started with the popular AngularJS framework
Lectures: 56
Video: 3 Hours
Includes: Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on all mobile devices
Certificate of Completion

HTML works perfectly fine as far as static documents are concerned. If a web application requires dynamic views however, it's less than ideal. That's where AngularJS comes in; an open-source framework that extends HTML vocabulary for you application, resulting in intuitive, expressive single page applications. For an AngularJS crash course to get you up to speed with this widely used framework, look no further.

Create flawless Single Page Applications with Angular JS

1.Learn framework fundamentals for AngularJS projects

2.Apply your knowledge to real world uses

3.Build towards creating your own Web and Hybrid applications

4.Gain insight into working with MVC architecture

Build frameworks with a versatile, cutting edge toolset

Although only officially released in 2012, AngularJS has taken the world by storm thanks to official support from Google, a community of developers constantly improving it, and some of the internet's biggest websites making use of it. One of its best features is its data binding; dynamic views are automatically updated whenever a model changes, and vice versa. Furthermore, it combines the benefits of deep linking with desktop app-like behaviors, allows you to invent new HTML syntax and is designed to be testable. The result is simplified development and testing of applications and, ultimately, faultless single page and hybrid applications.

Course Overview

This AngularJS crash course is aimed at those who already have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript, but who may have limited experience of AngularJS projects. With 3 hours of content and over 50 lectures, it's a fast and efficient way to get yourself up to speed with this framework and start using it in the real world.

This course will allow you to grasp the basic concepts of AngularJS and its main features. You'll be provided with functional examples throughout to compound your learning, giving you the opportunity to put it to practical use.

After an overview of environment setup and MVC architecture, you'll get to grips with the more complex attributes of AngularJS, including modules and dependency injection, controllers, expressions, directives, scopes, filter, routing, and two-way data binding.

From Section 4 onwards, you'll build up a framework for your own dynamic app using bootstrap layouts, filters, list routing and setting parameters. You'll learn how to add useful functions like adding, updating and deleting elements, form validation and more. You'll even tackle debugging with Chrome console and add custom directives to make your HTML as readable as it can be.

By the end of the course, you will be confident enough to begin your own AngularJS projects, using the framework for creating web and hybrid applications of your own. You will have solidified your understanding of the AngularJS language and will be more than capable of putting to real world use with immediate effect.

Stone River eLearning
Mobile UI and UX Design
Make well designed apps people will actually use
Lectures: 38
Video: 3 Hours
Includes: Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on all mobile devices
Certificate of Completion

Mobile devices are now used for everything from banking to gaming – so user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design has never been more important. If a website is difficult to navigate or the layout of an app is confusing, users will be gone in seconds. An in-depth understanding of mobile UI/UX design is critical for good mobile usability, for keeping your users engaged, and for ensuring your product stays relevant.

Make your Mobile UI Design Pop

  • Understand the basics of UI/UX mobile application design
  • Learn each step of the design process from planning to project completion
  • Gain an insight into current mobile UI/UX design trends and developments
  • Develop key skills to plan, manage and develop mobile usability

Understand the Mobile UX Design Process

While UI and UX design are often bundled together as one, they are in fact two separate disciplines. UI design is centered on layout and the fine detail of how the user interacts with the product (i.e a slide vs. a simple tap on an app). UX design however is about the overall experience, the look and feel of the product, and how the user navigates through it from start to finish. Despite their differences the two go hand-in-hand, and an understanding of both is essential for seamless mobile usability. In short, mobile UI/UX design is one of the most important elements of any digital project.

Course Overview

This course covers all aspects of the mobile UI/UX design process from start to finish, with graphic designers, stakeholders, designers from non-tech backgrounds, and developers in mind. If you need a crash course in mobile UI/UX design, you've come to the right place.

The course is divided into six sections, with each section focusing on key 'design deliverables'. You will explore each phase of the design process, starting with requirements assessment and design project planning, to user experience recommendations and user interface design and documentation, to design implementation guidelines and management.

Along the way you'll pick up all of the technical terminology involved, learn about current design trends and the latest developments in the ever changing world of mobile usability, and discover some expert tips to make your project a resounding success. Recommended exercises are presented at the end of each section so you can put your knowledge to practical use.

At the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the skills needed to oversee a mobile application's experience and interface design, from the planning stages right up to the finished product.

Stone River eLearning
Android M Development, Build Phone and Wearable Apps
Build Android apps for wearable devices
Lectures: 93
Video: 15 Hours
Includes: Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on all mobile devices
Certificate of Completion

What if you could learn, from total scratch, to code in Java and make your own Android M phone and wearable apps?

In this course, you will learn to create your own Android M apps from scratch using Java. The course includes 5 Real-World apps fully explained and built from the ground up + the Wearable API so that you can code your own smart watch apps too.

By the end of this course, you will be qualified to design (using the new Material Design) and code your own Android M apps whether it's for your clients, or for yourself as an entrepreneur.

Some of the main topics included in this course:

  • Material Design
  • ListViews
  • Networking
  • Location
  • Databases
  • Android Wear Cards

What if you don't know Java?

Not a problem! the first module of the course is a Java introductory course for total beginners. If you already know Java, you can take it as a review or just skip it and jump straight into the Android content.

Cool apps you'll be building

1) Hello Bob – A hello world app to get you up and running.

2) Unit Converter – A handy tool used to convert between different units of length.

3) World Geography Game – Among a list of countries of the world, try to pick out the fictional ones!

4) Android Weather – A forecast app that grabs the 7-day forecast for your city. This app will teach you how to connect to third-party API's.

5) Android Notepad – At the culmination of our Android knowledge, an app that allows us to create notes.

6) Learn the basics of wearable app development

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